HSE24 Forward: HSE24 calls for new ideas und creative inventors

Do you have a brilliant idea or a promising invention?

HSE24 is looking for inventors, companies and start-ups who want to show our experts their innovative products.

We are specifically looking for products in the categories of Household, Kitchen, Sport & Beauty. The products should be suitable to sell on TV as well as in an online-shop.

Contact: Kenneth Locicero

Email: k.locicero@hse24.de

Kenneth Locicero:

“My fellow colleague Monika Bauer and I are excited about the creative ideas we heard at the Ambiente convention. As a leading name in omnichannel home shopping, we particularly focus on products that make our lives easier or better. We are especially looking for innovations in the areas of household, home and beauty that we can offer internationally across all our sales channels.”

Contact: Monika Bauer

Email: m.bauer@hse24.de