Home shopping offers suppliers many advantages

Cooperation with small- and medium-sized merchants, but also with branded-product companies

HSE24 cultivates long years of partnerships and works with selected national and international suppliers. Home shopping offers suppliers and manufacturers numerous advantages compared with classic retailing. Small- and medium-sized merchants, but also major branded-product companies, are benefiting from an attractive sales platform on which professional hosts and expert guests present exclusive brands, but also innovative, non-self-explanatory products persuasively to a wide audience.

Direct sales channel – fast customer feedback

Every product goes straight to the customer, eschewing the trade routes of classic retailing. Nowhere else can suppliers and manufacturers view the acceptance of their products more quickly and efficiently than in home shopping. Thanks to live operations and cutting-edge customer-relationship management techniques, the response of target groups can be already gauged during the first broadcast on the screen.

Attractive, high-income clientele

99.6% of customers would buy from HSE24 again and about 99% recommend the company (TÜV Saarland, 2015). To date, more than nine million people have already bought from HSE24. That's more than 10% of German nationals, while some 1.5m customers shopped at HSE24 in 2014 alone. The orderers are mainly women upward of age 40.

Two-thirds of home shopping customers have a monthly net household income of over 2,000 euro. The numbers of households with comparable incomes account merely 45 % of the total population. (Goldmedia study "Zukunft des Teleshopping" (The future of teleshopping), 2011).

Great reach and networked cross-promotion via different media

HSE24 reaches virtually all homes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (42m): 24/7. The omni-channel retailer guarantees a cross-media shopping experience: customers can order through three channels (HSE24, HSE24 TREND and HSE24 EXTRA), in the online shop, on mobile devices and smart TVs from HSE24's extensive product offerings.

The customer magazine, mail-shots and the newsletter supplement the digital brand presence. Made-to-measure and user-driven, the products are optimally presented on all channels. Thanks to networked platforms, effective cross-promotion is achieved for smartphones, iPads and social media.

What products are successful in home shopping?

The product ...

  • is suitable for TV
  • stands for innovation
  • has features that need explaining
  • is exclusive
  • offers customers surprising solutions
  • is appropriate for the target group
  • is suitable for mailing
  • is in the price range of approx. €20 – 1,000

Optimal product presentation by professional hosts and expert guests

In live operations, a high degree of concentration and perfect preparation form the basis for a successful and consumer-oriented show. Working as a team, the host and expert guest ensure precise product presentation on camera. Whether fashion, jewellery or wellness products, their extensive know-how flows into detailed goods presentation. They are each professionals in their specialist field. The presenter purposefully guides viewers through the show and the individual product presentation; the expert guest demonstrates and explains the article competently. As a result, even products that require more detailed explanations are perfectly suited for sale on TV.

Competent customer advice

HSE24 is in a direct dialogue with its customers, every day and around the clock – live and personally. Advice is given both over the phone, by e-mail, in the social-media channels and during phone-ins directly in the live show. The service philosophy of the home shopping company is: inspire enthusiasm every day with an unvarying high service quality at all points of contact.