Media Sales – exclusive parcel leaflets

HSE24 can provide access to a very interesting target group. HSE24 customers are characterized by high involvement and awareness. Our fan rate is quite high.

The typical HSE24 customer is female, middle-aged, socially secured, self-confident, independent and consumption-oriented. The household income is above German average.

About 9 million Germans have already bought at HSE24 in the past. About 1.5 million purchase HSE24 products at least once a year. In average, 35.000 parcels leave our logistics center every day, this adds up to over 900.000 parcels per month.

We thoroughly choose our partners for parcel leaflets, as we only put one external leaflet into each HSE24 parcel. We do not have collective envelopes. Your parcel leaflet will be put clearly visible on top of the products.

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