HSE24 - selling by storytelling across all channels

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the HSE24 Group operates through the channels HSE24, HSE24 Extra, and HSE24 Trend. In Russia, it operates through the channel Shopping Live. The HSE24 Group closed the 2018 financial year with net sales of €839 million. The Group currently has a workforce of about 1,200; including employees operating at call centers and logistic partner companies the Group creates around 4,000 jobs.

From Teleshopping to Home Shopping

Having initially launched via TV in 1995, over the last 25 years we have developed into an omnichannel retailer who has a presence on all relevant channels – on TV, online, on the go, and on social media. We are the driver of innovation in modern home shopping thanks to our consistent and seamless platform networking. The cross-media presentation of topics and brands with lifestyle character is our unique selling proposition here. Very much in keeping with our consistent omnichannel strategy, customers decide when and how they would like to shop with us.

Excellent Customer Service and Clear Customer Orientation

We focus on personal service that is tailored to our customers. We regularly receive awards for this: