"Respect and appreciation, trust and courage as well as honesty, credibility and reliability - these are the core company values of HSE24 that will always be the focus of our actions"

- HSE24 Management Board

HSE24 attaches great importance to sustainable corporate governance. We are committed to the highest quality standards and act in a socially responsible way as a reliable employer and a sustainable company that values high environmental standards. Our goal is to continuously optimize our environmental impact along the entire value chain and fulfill our social responsibility.

  • Product range

    Quality and fair production conditions are top priorities when selecting the more than 20,000 products in the segments of fashion, jewelry, beauty & wellness, home & living, and household. Since February 2017, HSE24 has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) of the association Amfori. As a federation of leading companies, the BSCI acts to improve working conditions in factories and agricultural enterprises all around the world.

  • Climate & environment

    From packaging to shipping to energy consumption—environmental responsibility constitutes an important part of HSE24’s management principles. In addition to climate-neutral shipping, corporate environmental protection at the location in Ismaning is also given high priority and is supported by numerous measures, such as energy-efficient cooling systems in the studios and membership in the “Der Grüne Punkt” recycling system.

  • Employees

    Diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance - “we care” also applies to all employees of HSE24. Interaction between the employees is characterized by openness, trust and mutual respect. As an attractive employer, the company offers a work environment that is both conducive to performance and human, with a wide range of perks and social benefits. The health program “feelin’ good” has already won multiple awards.

  • Social engagement

    HSE24 has been involved in social and cultural projects for many years. In addition to the fund-raising campaign “Nimm Dein Herz in die Hand,” this also includes membership of the Munich-based Internet Business Cluster (IBC). This network of companies and universities advances key topics in the Internet economy and connects students with potential employers.

The HSE24 code of conduct

Our actions are strongly characterized by integrity. This particularly includes obeying the law, engaging in fair competition and being a reliable business partner. We have set out our most important standards of conduct in a binding form in the HSE24 code of conduct.